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Real estate agencies in Cádiz

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1 vote
Hearthink is the most comfortable, fast and reliable way to find the home of your dreams. A new way of understanding the real estate world. Hearthink offers you a personalized service of search, selection, recommendation and advice for the purchase and value of real estate. And if you are an owner or realtor, Hearthink is also for you. Get to know our buyers portfolio or help us with our positioning, marketing and sales services.
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2 votes
Our company consists of experts in real estate, with extensive knowledge of our area and a large portfolio of clients and contacts.

We are professionals and work to provide the best services for you to quickly find your home, property or any property you want to buy or rent.
Web of Inmobiliaria El Mayordomo Costa Ballena - SHS Inmobiliaria Sanlúcar
1 vote
Sale of Villas, Plots, Houses, Apartments and Townhouses in Zahara de los Atunes and Atlanterra at VERY GOOD PRICES. Request information about the opportunities for sale.
Web of Sol Inmobiliaria
5 votes
Skyline offers high quality properties, professional and friendly service and 10 years of satisfied customers. We value your time, grasp your needs, we offer the best selection, we negotiate the best price. Skyline is the smart choice.
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1 vote
Mercat Service Jerez is formed by a young and dynamic professional team with a common goal: to Satisfy the demands of our clients. The purpose of the company is to offer multiple services in its locality through a single company through agreements with the best Smes, which will always be their neighbours. Thanks to our innovative system of collaboration with local companies that we provide customers in exchange for economic discounts on the bill for their efforts and our expansion through the personal Franchise system, for freelancers or SMES, we We have become the first commercial service center in Spain With Mercat Service Jerez, Market Services, WILL HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OF SAVING TIME, PLUS a LOT OF MONEY And WILL ALWAYS BE SERVED BY THE SAME PERSON (s). In Our agents you will find expert and dynamic professionals. We have a wide range of economic services that we are always expanding. The budgets We will send you will ALWAYS be WITHOUT OBLIGATION so that you can compare and check the savings that we provide.
Web of Mercaservice Jerez
1 vote
' since June of year 2000 we offer our real estate services for buying, selling and renting properties, we provide all legal formalities before any transaction is made with the utmost clarity and professionalism. '.
4 votes
Having lived abroad for many years, we learned first-hand of the difficulty in maintaining our second home in good condition and were faced with the challenge of finding a professional and reliable management service capable of resolving unforeseen problems and keeping us abreast of the condition of our property.

This inspired us to create a company with full-time managers specialised in and dedicated to the proper maintenance of your property.

AHS provide a full range of services: maintenance, repairs & redecoration, damp proofing, key holding, furniture & fittings , administrative service, recruitment of cleaners, babysitters, nurses, monthly cleaning, laundry, upholstery, relocation, holiday rental etc.

We strive to do this your way: all you need to do is let us know your needs and preferences, which we will consistently follow and deliver.

Holiday, Long Term Lets & Sales.

We offer a tailormade service to meet your requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs and agree a plan that works for you.
Web of At Home Service
1 vote
Welcome to EASYRENTING, the best online website to rent properties in La Linea de la Concepción, Santa Margarita & Venta Melchor. We have properties for rental too in Alcaidesa, San Roque Club, Sotogrande, Campamento, Puente Mayorga and San Roque.

Why to spend thounsands of pounds to live in Gib? Check the prices that we have for fantastic apartments very close to the border and you will see how you can save more than 100% of your actual rental price. For the price of an small studio in Gib you can rent with us a luxury apartment that you will not able to afford in Gib. Come to live in La Línea or nearest towns and enjoy our beachs, bars, restaurants, people, outdoor spaces, and save lot of money in your property for rental.

SEARCH: In our search option you can have a look the high quality of our properties for rental in the city. It will be very easy for you to send us what kind of propertie are you looking for exactly because we have almost all the properties for rental in the city !! It is possible that this property will not be available for rental this days, but how we manage so manyproperties, in the same day you will recieve very similar properties for rental availables or availables in few days, similars or cheapest or much better than you can imagine :D.

Why there are not too much properties availables in my budget?.

-Each week there are lots customers like you, waiting for a nice property close to the border in a correct price. In the city there are hundreds of them, but there is a problem, almost of these properties has been rented to people that stay in the apartments 1-3 years and are still arriving new customers each week. What we do is to follow an order of interested customers that are waiting for an specific property that is not available now. Usually im the first agent in the city that knows when one of this properties is going to be available, because i manage the 90% of all properties in La Linea. At this time i check my customers in standby and email them the complete info about the new property available and if they want to cometo visit it only has to confirm to me. I have never forget any customer, i save all your data and check every day to be sure if i have take something for them. We will be in touch with you until we give you what you are looking for, or you will say us that you have found it by your self ;).
No votes
Serendip Properties - a personalised and professional property service in Southern Spain.

We have properties and services available in the Sotogrande to Alcaidesa area.

Our main focus is property sales and rentals, however we can also provide help and support in decoration, rental and many other services. We will provide you with all the help and guidance to ensure that your property ownership experience is enjoyable and hassle-free.
Web of Serendip Properties
No votes
We are a group of proffessionals who dedicates since 1995 to make easy for the client to find this house, apartment or plot of land, he is dreaming of or needing, in a wonderful environment, with personal and serious atention, but also near and lively.

We are located just in the middle between Costa de la Luz and Costa del Sol. A wonderful spot with an incomparable surrounding where life quality.
No votes
We sell plots and build luxury houses.

We sell and rent luxury houses.

Management and Consulting.

Atlanterra Realty.

With Atlanterra S. A. You can purchase a plot and build your dream home. With more than 50 years experience behind us you can rest assured you will receive expertly qualified advice and that we will assist you in all stages of the project:.

- Choosing a plot of land.

- Purchase and Financing.

- Suggestions for design projects.

- Selecting an Architectural Studio.

- Processing the necessary building permits for your project.

- Obtaining the First Occupancy Certificate.

- Application process for utilities.

- Property maintenance.
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Welcome to RENT LALINEA, we have many apartments in the vicinity of Gibraltar, therefore we offer you the home you want.

We offer a variety of properties, from economics apartments to houses bedroom 4 bedrooms with great qualities, including air conditioning, wonderful views of Gibraltar, SKY TV,.

Contact us without obligation and we will find the home you want.
No votes
We are an Estates and Letting Agents, located in the South of Spain (Costa del Sol and Campo de Gibraltar).

Our estate agents will find you the right property and will also guide you through the process, from the Preliminary Negotiations until the purchase of the property.

We have at our disposal a vast assortment of properties: studio apartments, apartments of 1,2,3 bedrooms, terraced houses and high standing villas.

Our Legal team has more than 15 years' experience and will help you in anything you need.

If you have not been able to find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to get what you need.
Web of Europa Investment
No votes
We are real estate with years of experience in Jerez. In continuous process of renewal, with the best services for both the RAPID sale and to find the house that best suits your needs.
Web of InmoSherry Inmobiliaria
No votes
Tell us what the house of your dreams is like. Explain to us in as much detail as possible how the house you are looking for, how many bedrooms you must have and why, in what areas you want it and why, what budget you have, how many you are in the family, ages, and when you need it.

With all this information we will do an exhaustive search to take you straight to your home. The more detailed, the faster we will get with it.
No votes
Agency specializing in the purchase and sale of homes and land in Chiclana and the entire coastline of the province of Cadiz.
Web of Inmobiliaria Grandal
1 vote
Inmobiliaria Bahia is formed by a young and dynamic professional team with a common objective: To satisfy the demands of our clients.

The company aims to offer multiple services in your locality through a single company through agreements with the best SMEs, which will always be its neighbors.

Thanks to our innovative system of collaboration with local companies to which we provide clients in exchange for economic discounts on the bill for their efforts and our expansion through the system of personal Franchise, for self-employed or SMEs, we have become the first shopping center of services of Spain.

Web of MercaService Bahia
11 votes
AT INVERSIONES was established in 2005 with the unique focus of handling all residential sales within the CADIZ Region. Since then, we have grown to become one of Cadiz most experienced agencies offering a superior level of market knowledge, customer service and property expertise to the wider CADIZ REGION market.

With a team of different experienced property professionals, AT INVERSIONES provides services for residential, commercial and retail property sales and rental as well as building management services across the CADIZ region.

AT INVERSIONES has a well established skill of connecting the right buyers with the right property solutions.

When you’re ready to buy or sell your home. Choose At Inversiones.
1 vote
Our company is formed by a young and dynamic professional team with a common goal: To satisfy the demands of our Clients.

The company's objective is: the Promotion, Purchase, Sale and Construction of all kinds of Urban and Rustic Real Estate.

A young agency with expert and dynamic professionals.

We have a wide range of real estate New Homes and 2ND, Chalets and Farms throughout the province, Rentals and Transfers, all with the best economic guarantees of the market up to 100% u Credit or Mortgage for you to acquire them.
Web of Inmobiliaria La Segur
1 vote
Agencia inmobiliaria con mas de veinte años de experiencia en la venta y alquires de innuebles en la zona de cadiz.
Web of Promociones Costaben
1 vote
In Alcoven we invest our time and resources in selecting the most suitable property to your needs, assuring a competitive price.

We offer you a professional real estate consulting service. We are not mere intermediaries interested in selling apartments, houses or homes. We are advisors. We consider our work as a consultancy through which we will help you buy your home with guarantees.

We help you to find your sales and rent in Cádiz (province)

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