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Real estate administrator in Spain

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Administrator in Mérida
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Management and Administration of a condominium, rent, residential estates and private, industrial sites, e- management.
Visit us at http://www. Quovadisfincas. Com.
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Administrator in Lepe
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Architecture, management and administration of estates, tax cuts, energy efficiency, construction management, technical management, rental management.
All this and much more in Islantilla.
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Are you going to move to Madrid? Are you looking for a company to support your home search? Quilantro supports you to look for an apartment or house to rent or to buy. You can contact us by sending a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
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New and modern service company dedicated exclusively to the administration of estates. Reliability, efficiency, transparency and quality.
In grova Property Manager, we work for our managed offering and guaranteeing a deal and personalized attention and a thorough, rigorous and closest to the daily activity of the farm track.
We offer the communities of owners Porrino and its area of influence (Vigo, Tui, Mos, Redondela, Ponteareas, Salvatierra, Salceda, Nigrán, Gondomar ) A value very competitive in the management of their communities.
- No charge commission of any provider.
- Our very competitive price service: (10 % OFF, the amount of the bill last year).
- Do not require a permanent contract with the community.
- Transparency in all accounting and management tasks.
- Regular and thorough information.
- Immediate implementation of the decisions taken by the Owners- Property Manager entitled.
- Technological platform: Modern advanced for the comprehensive management of the program and the community.
- Comply with data protection law.
- We seek savings for your community with the highest quality service.
- Personalized attention, maximum clarity and well organized.
- Continuous communication through different channels: telephone, e- mail, office and dispatch 24H.
- Office 24H: online service in which each owner via access codes can consult staff and community information, notify breakdowns and incidents and perform, among other applications, certificates and request changes to your bank payment.
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Administrator in Linares
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Mifinca is a company engaged in property management in Linares, comprised of professionals with extensive experience in the sector. Composed of lawyers and consultants with extensive experience in property management, thereby guaranteeing an efficient service.
We offer a direct and permanent relationship with neighboring communities, working together for the prevention and resolution of problems quickly and efficiently with which to respond to the trust placed in us.
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PROPERTY ADMINISTRATION EMPARTE is a project that stems from the need for a new concept of management and property management.
Our main goal is to give excellent service in the provinces of Seville and Huelva. Our activity is based on the following:.
Professionalism: We are architects and estate managers, together with a solvent collaborative team of lawyers and economists;.
Transparency: Our web www. Emparte. Es allows real-time query data from their community, possibility of online efforts. We are not brokers, our business is property management;.
Personalized service: Personal Control and repair services, monthly program visits and emergency department 24 / 365d;.
Economy: initially audited costs and optimize their community, we lower fees 15% of its current administrator;.
Warranty: We are professional associations so our performance is guaranteed with liability insurance and surety-bond.
Web of Emparte Administración De Fincas
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In Rural Legal and intend to give the best service to their community at the best price, with a personalized and efficient service and offer a range of additional services, such as legal support or maintenance and technical inspection of buildings.
We provide advice on all legal matters, conducting a preliminary analysis and a first approach to the problem, so q.
Web of LEGAL Y FINCAS. Administración De Fincas Y Despacho De Abogados
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Property Management in Madrid, manage all kinds of communities, houses, garages, storage rooms, warehouses etc.
ITE, grants, debt collection and claim amount, if your community has a problem we have a solution.
Quality and professionalism, our identity for SBS customers are our best guarantee, trust is transparent, professional and accountable administration, quality assurance Us.
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Attached presentation of our services, prices.
(all reside in a community or farm ).
Direct and close attention, control their community and / or garage.
Complete administration, details, reports, meetings, etc.
You can request a quote and learn with more details.
We would appreciate visit this link and know our services a little better.
Http://administraciondefincas. Webs. Tl.
REQUEST PRICES. (prices have been updated to the actual circumstances today).
Comunidadesyfincas. Buenavista@gmail. Com.
Community management, macro - communities and Garages.
Administration of Housing estates ( large or small ).
Grant request and processing.
Tracking defaulters - control of payments.
Buenavista Administrations.
We service. Castellón, Grao CS, Benicassim, Oropesa, Villarreal and neighboring towns.
Thanks for this little attention.
Javier Fernández.
Web of Administracion De Fincas En Castellon Buenavista

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