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Real estate administrator in Madrid

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METROPOL is a company that embraces government services of all kinds of urban properties (Communities of neighboring industrial estates; Associations, Shopping, wealth. ) economic and legal advice to both individuals and companies, with extensive experience over 20 years in the industry and various professional successes behind us.
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Property Management in Madrid, manage all kinds of communities, houses, garages, storage rooms, warehouses etc.
ITE, grants, debt collection and claim amount, if your community has a problem we have a solution.
Quality and professionalism, our identity for SBS customers are our best guarantee, trust is transparent, professional and accountable administration, quality assurance Us.
Administrator in Portazgo
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We sell directly our property in Spain without intermediaries.
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Are you going to move to Madrid? Are you looking for a company to support your home search? Quilantro supports you to look for an apartment or house to rent or to buy. You can contact us by sending a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
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We help you to find your sales and rent in Madrid (province)

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