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Flats and Houses prices for sale in Barcelona province

June 26, 2019

Market view

Average price656,656 €
Price per m2 3,188 €
Number of properties

Cheapest areas

Berguedá 95,667 €
Bages 118,990 €
Anoia 205,360 €
Alto Penedés 219,790 €
Osona 303,918 €
Garraf - Costa Sur 426,217 €
Vallés Oriental 517,655 €
Vallés Occidental 597,216 €

Summary of the statistics of Barcelona province

The average price by square metre for Barcelona province is 3,188 €, an increase of 0.11% compared to 24/06/2019.
The average price for properties in Barcelona province to 26/06/2019 was 656,656 € based on 2,104 properties.
The areas with the lowest prices in Barcelona province are Berguedá and Bages, with an average price of 95,667 € and 118,990 €, respectively.

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