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Flats and Houses prices for sale in Alicante province

August 01, 2021

Market view

Average price314,657 €
Price per m2 2,030 €
Number of properties

Cheapest areas

Hoya de Alcoy 138,118 €
Alto Vinalopó 143,614 €
Vinalopó Medio 165,220 €
Comtat 178,233 €
Bajo Vinalopó 208,846 €
Vega Baja del Segura 224,264 €
Alacantí 252,457 €
Marina Baja 415,946 €

Summary of the statistics of Alicante province

The average price by square metre for Alicante province is 2,030 €, an increase of 4.46% compared to 26/07/2021.
The average price for properties in Alicante province to 01/08/2021 was 314,657 € based on 38,639 properties.
The areas with the lowest prices in Alicante province are Hoya de Alcoy and Alto Vinalopó, with an average price of 138,118 € and 143,614 €, respectively.

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